Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Lung Growing?! (By Tara)

Baby Lung must have been growing a lot today because I certainly was tired & hungry! The weird thing is that I'm not all that hungry at meal time but about an hour after eating, I feel famished again.

This afternoon we went out with friends for coffee and I got so hungry by the time we got home that I felt a little dizzy so I ate then had to take a nap.

After dinner we went to an amazingly cheap book sale where we picked up 10 books for $31...Well Darren picked out most of the books. It was quite warm & stuffy in there so after picking two or three books, all I wanted to do was go sit down for awhile. So I stuffed a Preggie Pop in my mouth then went to sit down. Mmmm, I did like that Preggie Pop!!!

I bought a book called "The  Birth House" by Ami McKay, which is a Canadian book about a midwife's apprentice named Dora. I'll admit it, I was drawn to the book because it has a pretty illustration of a pregnant woman holding her belly on it! I also picked out an Isabel Allende book called "Daughter of Fortune." I have read a few of her books in Spanish and they are really well written. Hope the English translations are as good.

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