Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Our Friends and Co-workers Welcomed the News (By Darren)

So we decided that we wanted to tell our staff team in person about Little Tarren's imminent arrival. The last chance we would have everyone together was this past Tuesday. So we decided to get everyone together and get some group shots. 

Darren: "Everyone say CHEESE!"
Everyone: "CHEESE" 
Darren: "Good shot. OK, now let's a do a funny one." 

Darren: "OK, now everyone say ... "TARA'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!" 

Everyone: "Tara's ..... whaaaaaa!??!??!"

General looks of confusion, shock, and open-mouthed surprise. Then congratulations all around. It was a pretty funny moment. 

I had to say it 3 or 4 times before people people really believed me. That's what I get for telling too many jokes I guess.

This picture is so funny though, and I'm glad we got it on film :)


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