Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Mom, what does two lines mean?" (By Tara)

Last year I took two home pregnancy tests and although I was pretty convinced that I was pregnant, both tests turned out negative. This morning, I took my third ever home pregnancy test...

I could hardly believe my eyes ...



It was one of those surreal moments, like a handful of moments that I have experienced in my adult like, like the moments when I understood the Gospel for the first time, the moment Darren get the idea.

Darren was still in bed so I went in and asked him if "Daddy Lung" wanted to see the test. He could hardly believe it either. (Darren: My first reaction was to turn over and say, not in an unkind way, "shut up").

We decided that we would tell our families right away so I called my family first. I'm not sure if Anna (age 3) understood, she answered that she was going to babysit at Paulette's wedding in October and that she was going to wear a yellow dress. Emma (age 10), Matthew (age 9) both understood and sounded excited. Mom helped me figure out my due date - she says December 18th, 2010.

Next we called Darren's parents. It was like the little boy who cried wolf as he tried to tell his mom.

Darren: "Mom, what does two lines mean on a pregnancy test?"
Mom: "Well, usually one line acts as a control so you know that it works ... why?"
Darren: "Mom, Tara took a pregnancy test this morning and there are two lines. What does that mean?!" 
Mom: "Why don't you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS?!"

After a few more minutes he said that he was just teasing, that he had read the instructions and that we had found out that I was pregnant. Her response, which she repeated about 10 times was "Really?! Really?! Are you pulling my leg?!"

Finally we had convinced her that I was pregnant and she sounded pretty happy about it.

I can't seem to focus on anything I'm supposed to be doing today, I keep thinking about the baby.

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Tarren said...

This one is from my parents, they emailed because they couldn't figure out how to post a comment:

Congratulations Mommy & Daddy,

(yes you really are parents now)

We are all very happy for you :)

and the kids (I mean aunts and uncles) are counting the days!

We know we do not know everything, but we do know a few things about having babies, so call anytime. :)

Love Mom & Dad Arseneau

Kevin Patrick Jordan Emma Matthew Anna