Friday, April 23, 2010

The first of many office visits (By Tara)

In the past 36 hours we have spent countless hours researching baby-related information on the internet. I really wanted to get a midwife but after contacting the only 4 midwifery clinics in Calgary with only the promise of being put on a waiting list, I was a little bit discouraged.

This afternoon while we were out for an appointment, I noticed that there was a walk-in clinic directly across the street. As we waited, I quickly guzzled down my whole water bottle so that I would have to pee by the time they called my name. I easily filled the little pee cup and placed it in the little window for it to be tested. Shortly the the doctor came in the room and announced:

"Yes, you are definitely pregnant."

As I explained that we are leaving in 2 weeks until August, the extremely helpful young Indian doctor  proceeded to book me in for a "dating ultrasound." She explained that even though people do not routinely get ultrasounds until at least 12 weeks, I should have one before leaving.

She also helped me book an appointment to get a series of prenatal testing done at the lab closest to our place. AND she began the process of getting me a referral for a doctor at the hospital closest to our place. 

I liked this woman, she knew about all the loop holes and was more than willing to help me! I was so blessed by the 15 minutes I spent in her office!

So many things came together and I am feeling so much less anxious about all the things I need to learn and do before leaving for the summer. When I called my Mom to tell her, she told me that she had prayed for me this morning that I would find a doctor or midwife. Thank you God!

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