Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preggo Waddle

I always wondered why pregnant women developed that distinctive waddle and now I have a theory as to why...

My newest pregnancy symptom has been a dull ache in my pelvis - I can just imagine LT pushing his head downwards into my pelvis. I first noticed it when we were buying baby stuff at the mall on Sunday. I asked my doctor today and she said it's normal and I expect it will continue as LT continues to lower himself into position for birth. It doesn't hurt that much but it definitely hurts the most when I walk. Waddling, I imagine, would lessen the pain. However, so far I have refused to waddle so I can't confirm my theory.

Maybe I'll look it up online? Or maybe I'll try waddling sometime when no one is looking?

Friday, November 19, 2010

1 Month from Today...Or So

November 19th! It seems I've been waiting so long to get to this day when my due date would be only a month away! I learned at our prenatal classes that about 55% of first time mom's deliver late, so I supposed I shouldn't get too excited about LT being born a month from today. However, it will be within the next 6 weeks for sure. So exciting!

Last week when we saw the doctor, she said that she can feel that the baby is getting himself into position. I have noticed some changes in my body as it prepares to give birth...

- My hips have definitely widened and it feels as if my legs are growing apart! Now I understand why pregnant women often look like they are waddling.

- I've noticed my ligaments loosening too, especially in my groin. Sometimes it seems as if my legs are loose and about to detach because I start to feel a little weak or numb in the groin.

- There is a much larger space in between my ribs than usual. Darren noticed it when he was massaging me, he can fit his fingers in between my ribs now!

- As of today, I wear 2 bra extenders hooked together! Not sure I'm looking forward to bra shopping when the milk comes in...

The more I learn about pregnancy and labour, the more I am astounded at how God designed our bodies to know exactly what to do. It's amazing!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Motivation For The Gym

One thing I will miss when LT is born is al the friendly smiles I get at the gym while working out! More than anywhere else, I get many smiles and compliments from strangers at the gym. What a great motivator to continue exercising!

I have met more people in the past few months at the gym than in the previous year and a half I'd been going there. Gym ladies that I recognize from workout classes have suddenly taken much more of an interest in me and telling me about their experiences with pregnancy and childbirth. The lady I stand beside in kickboxing every Tuesday always has a few questions for me about how I'm doing. Several of the volunteers at the check-in desk are counting down with me till LT's birth. Today I ran into a lady who I hadn't seen since April and she was super excited to find out I was pregnant and touch my belly!

Meeting new people and being able to connect with other women has been one of the most rewarding experiences of pregnancy. I'm looking forward to seeing how having a baby will continue to change my interactions and relationships with others.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Lung Party

Last night was a great reminder to me of the fact that we're blessed with pretty amazing friends here in Calgary! Our friend, Karen, hosted a baby shower for us. It was fun to celebrate LT's upcoming arrival with so many friends that we have made since we've been in Calgary: friends we made on campus, at church and even at Starbucks.

We are thankful to have received so many thoughtful gifts: books, clothes, CD's, blankets and even baby Adidas shoes. The most unique gift we received was two pieces of originals art that our friend Karen designed for us. Can't wait to hang them in LT's room!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let The Nesting Begin

For the past three weeks at least, I have wanted to clean up our office but hadn't found the time. Wednesday afternoon I had some time to get started and thankfully I was in a purging mood. In a few hours I had completely filled our recycling box with old papers and made a big pile of materials to bring back to campus. It felt amazing! I continued organizing and cleaning after our prenatal class but didn't quite finish before bed. Oh, the motivation for getting up the next morning was great, I got up and got to work! Before I knew it, the office was looking way more organized and ready for LT.

It is so nice to have our office stuff organized and put away to make room for LT's stuff. We have been so blessed, he already has so much and it takes up a lot of space!

I was so tempted to take all of his stuff out of the boxes, especially the bassinet, but I restrained myself (mostly because Darren said it would be much neater if everything stayed in the boxes for now...guess he's right). Soon he will be jeer and I will get to open everything then.

Wonder what my next little project will be?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birth & Babies

Tonight we had the first of our 10 session Birth & Babies classes. When I signed us up for this class back in July, it seemed like it would be FOREVER until November 10th & even LONGER than FOREVER until Dec 19th. It does seem that July was so long ago but Nov 10th is here, we're getting closer!!! But of course, Dec 19th is just a guestimate anyways... (the teacher reminded us that our due date is more like a 5 week window of time, 3 weeks before & 2 weeks after the due date are fair game for baby to arrive).

The class was both informative and entertaining, I think we're going to enjoy the next 10 weeks! The highlight for me was watching the expressions on Darren's face as the teacher acted out what a woman in labour would be like! I was also curious to see how he would handle the birthing video that she showed but wasn't graphic enough to make him gag.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the 9 other couples in the class. It seems like the people are from a really wide range of backgrounds and even age groups. The couples sitting near us tonight all looked a bit older but there are a few couples that look around our age and we're going to try to sit by them next time.