Friday, November 12, 2010

Let The Nesting Begin

For the past three weeks at least, I have wanted to clean up our office but hadn't found the time. Wednesday afternoon I had some time to get started and thankfully I was in a purging mood. In a few hours I had completely filled our recycling box with old papers and made a big pile of materials to bring back to campus. It felt amazing! I continued organizing and cleaning after our prenatal class but didn't quite finish before bed. Oh, the motivation for getting up the next morning was great, I got up and got to work! Before I knew it, the office was looking way more organized and ready for LT.

It is so nice to have our office stuff organized and put away to make room for LT's stuff. We have been so blessed, he already has so much and it takes up a lot of space!

I was so tempted to take all of his stuff out of the boxes, especially the bassinet, but I restrained myself (mostly because Darren said it would be much neater if everything stayed in the boxes for now...guess he's right). Soon he will be jeer and I will get to open everything then.

Wonder what my next little project will be?

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