Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Motivation For The Gym

One thing I will miss when LT is born is al the friendly smiles I get at the gym while working out! More than anywhere else, I get many smiles and compliments from strangers at the gym. What a great motivator to continue exercising!

I have met more people in the past few months at the gym than in the previous year and a half I'd been going there. Gym ladies that I recognize from workout classes have suddenly taken much more of an interest in me and telling me about their experiences with pregnancy and childbirth. The lady I stand beside in kickboxing every Tuesday always has a few questions for me about how I'm doing. Several of the volunteers at the check-in desk are counting down with me till LT's birth. Today I ran into a lady who I hadn't seen since April and she was super excited to find out I was pregnant and touch my belly!

Meeting new people and being able to connect with other women has been one of the most rewarding experiences of pregnancy. I'm looking forward to seeing how having a baby will continue to change my interactions and relationships with others.

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