Friday, November 19, 2010

1 Month from Today...Or So

November 19th! It seems I've been waiting so long to get to this day when my due date would be only a month away! I learned at our prenatal classes that about 55% of first time mom's deliver late, so I supposed I shouldn't get too excited about LT being born a month from today. However, it will be within the next 6 weeks for sure. So exciting!

Last week when we saw the doctor, she said that she can feel that the baby is getting himself into position. I have noticed some changes in my body as it prepares to give birth...

- My hips have definitely widened and it feels as if my legs are growing apart! Now I understand why pregnant women often look like they are waddling.

- I've noticed my ligaments loosening too, especially in my groin. Sometimes it seems as if my legs are loose and about to detach because I start to feel a little weak or numb in the groin.

- There is a much larger space in between my ribs than usual. Darren noticed it when he was massaging me, he can fit his fingers in between my ribs now!

- As of today, I wear 2 bra extenders hooked together! Not sure I'm looking forward to bra shopping when the milk comes in...

The more I learn about pregnancy and labour, the more I am astounded at how God designed our bodies to know exactly what to do. It's amazing!

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