Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birth & Babies

Tonight we had the first of our 10 session Birth & Babies classes. When I signed us up for this class back in July, it seemed like it would be FOREVER until November 10th & even LONGER than FOREVER until Dec 19th. It does seem that July was so long ago but Nov 10th is here, we're getting closer!!! But of course, Dec 19th is just a guestimate anyways... (the teacher reminded us that our due date is more like a 5 week window of time, 3 weeks before & 2 weeks after the due date are fair game for baby to arrive).

The class was both informative and entertaining, I think we're going to enjoy the next 10 weeks! The highlight for me was watching the expressions on Darren's face as the teacher acted out what a woman in labour would be like! I was also curious to see how he would handle the birthing video that she showed but wasn't graphic enough to make him gag.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the 9 other couples in the class. It seems like the people are from a really wide range of backgrounds and even age groups. The couples sitting near us tonight all looked a bit older but there are a few couples that look around our age and we're going to try to sit by them next time. 

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