Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny Days

Two weeks ago, it wasn't that sunny but Sebby had tons of fun playing with my sunglasses one afternoon. Wonder if he knew sunny days were on their way?

Last week we had a beautiful week of spring weather and sun and this week has been even warmer! We have hung out laundry almost every day and are loving the fresh, clean smell on our clothes. Sebby and I spent a beautiful day in Saint Andrews with my brother, Cory and his girlfriend, Sinead, who visited from Canada. (Unfortunately our camera is in the shop so we weren't able to take any pictures during their visit). We have had lovely times of playing in the park, chasing birds and dogs, tasting rocks and woodchips, etc...

Sebby loves playing outside so much and I love wearning my sandals!
Hope this great weather keeps up.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Seb the Builder

Sebby has a real interest in trucks and construction work. There is a huge construction site across the street from our house and he loves to watch from his high chair during meal times. This morning it was quite rainy so although we didn't go outside, he spent a long time standing in the living room window, watching the activity on the construction site.

We walked up to the big Tesco to do some shopping this week and as soon as we passed by the "Bob the Builder" mechanical digger in the entrance, he wanted on! I am against putting money in those kind of machines but I let him sit on it for a few minutes. He had great fun driving the digger and didn't even notice he was missing out on the paid action of the machine!

On Wednesday there were some men working at the playground at the park at the bottom of our street. Sebby didn't mind at all that half the park was closed, he stood against the fence the whole time we were there, watching the digger at work.

Wonder if he wants to be a digger driver when he grows up?!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baking a Cake?

Sebby often plays in the kitchen while I prepare meals. This afternoon, he dug our cake pan out of the kitchen cupboard and a feww minutes later, I turned to see him wearing it as a necklace. 


He wandered into the living room after a few minutes to play with some of the toys in his toybox but he kept on his "necklace" and brought along the protective wrapper from an Asian pear.

So thankful that we don't have to spend much on toys because our little guy has fun playing with regular items from around the house!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Heads Up!

Sebby is loving putting things on his head these days! He tries to put on hats and boxes and even my underwear (he grabs it out of the laundry basket when I am hanging things to dry).

I managed to snap a few shot of him wearing my laptop sleeve on several different days. One of his favorite games is putting it on and taking it off his head.

We don't usually let him hold his own bowl because gets distracted from eating and throws his food everywhere. Recently, I let him try again and the bowl ended up on his head after a minute or less. 

Mmm, his hair smelled like shepherd's pie for the next 24 hours or so!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, I've been carrying Sebby mostly on my back in the carrier. Two girls in their early twenties passed us while we were walking down the street.

Girl #1: "He just scowled at me!!"
Girl #2: "Who, the baby?!"
Girl #1: "Yea!"

I chuckled to myself at the mental picture of Sebby scowling at her. He's a bit suspicious of strangers and lately he discovered how to furrow his brow so has been practicing constantly.

Although he rarely smiles at strangers, he isn't totally cold towards them. He is very interested in watching what people are doing, especially little boys a bit older than him and seniors. And he often blows kisses to strangers. 

My favourite was after a doctors appointment at an after hours clinic. While we were passing the nurses station, I said goodbye then Sebby turned to them and blew a big kiss. The doctor happened to have just stepped in to chat with the nurses and they all sighed. It was pretty adorable.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cuddly Friends

Sebby had fun digging out toys from the bottom of his little toy box. He had so much fun pulling toys that he had forgotten about out and playing with them. 

First, he got out his cute ladybird backpack.

Then he found these two cuddly friends, a white rabbit puppet and a Frenchman elf-like boy (he is a popular character here but we don't know his name!). He had one tucked under each of his arms.

As I was about to take the picture, he stopped to point at the elf's nose, exclaiming "nose!" then tucked him back under his arm.

** Thanks to Sharon for commenting and solving the mystery of our elf-like boy. His name is Noddy & he is actually an English character. See her comment below.

Mmm duck!

Darren made some duck recently and as soon as Sebby saw it, he began excitedly signing "chicken". 

We gave him a small piece and he gobbled it down then reached for a leg. Mmm! 

To enhance his dining pleasure, he removed his pyjama top, lol!
  He looked like a little Chinese man out for a meal on a hot summer day, minus of course the beer, cigarettes and hot weather. 

Here he is, looking tough with his duck in hand.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Laundry fun!


Fun playing in the laundry bin!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creative Fun

Sebby is beginning to delve into the world of creative play, inventing little games and challenges for himself. 

Last week he picked Darren's empty yoghurt container out of the trash and was using it as a toast holder.

He would leave his toast in the container while he played.

When he wanted another bite, he would remove it from the holder. "Mmmm, toast!"