Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cuddly Friends

Sebby had fun digging out toys from the bottom of his little toy box. He had so much fun pulling toys that he had forgotten about out and playing with them. 

First, he got out his cute ladybird backpack.

Then he found these two cuddly friends, a white rabbit puppet and a Frenchman elf-like boy (he is a popular character here but we don't know his name!). He had one tucked under each of his arms.

As I was about to take the picture, he stopped to point at the elf's nose, exclaiming "nose!" then tucked him back under his arm.

** Thanks to Sharon for commenting and solving the mystery of our elf-like boy. His name is Noddy & he is actually an English character. See her comment below.


Sharon said...

Are you sure that it's a French character? Can't see his face so I'm not entirely sure, but it looks a lot like Noddy by Enid Blyton, an English author. I loved the show when I was younger.

Just google "Noddy" for images.

Tarren said...

That's it!!! Noddy! Someone told me his name but I promptly forgot it. He is dressed as a Frenchman, with a French flag on his jacket and he speaks French when you press his feet, he says the day of the week & other simple things like that in French.

Anyways, when we first received him, we thought he was French so we told Sebby that his name was Pierre.

Thanks for solving the mystery!