Saturday, March 10, 2012


Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, I've been carrying Sebby mostly on my back in the carrier. Two girls in their early twenties passed us while we were walking down the street.

Girl #1: "He just scowled at me!!"
Girl #2: "Who, the baby?!"
Girl #1: "Yea!"

I chuckled to myself at the mental picture of Sebby scowling at her. He's a bit suspicious of strangers and lately he discovered how to furrow his brow so has been practicing constantly.

Although he rarely smiles at strangers, he isn't totally cold towards them. He is very interested in watching what people are doing, especially little boys a bit older than him and seniors. And he often blows kisses to strangers. 

My favourite was after a doctors appointment at an after hours clinic. While we were passing the nurses station, I said goodbye then Sebby turned to them and blew a big kiss. The doctor happened to have just stepped in to chat with the nurses and they all sighed. It was pretty adorable.

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