Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny Days

Two weeks ago, it wasn't that sunny but Sebby had tons of fun playing with my sunglasses one afternoon. Wonder if he knew sunny days were on their way?

Last week we had a beautiful week of spring weather and sun and this week has been even warmer! We have hung out laundry almost every day and are loving the fresh, clean smell on our clothes. Sebby and I spent a beautiful day in Saint Andrews with my brother, Cory and his girlfriend, Sinead, who visited from Canada. (Unfortunately our camera is in the shop so we weren't able to take any pictures during their visit). We have had lovely times of playing in the park, chasing birds and dogs, tasting rocks and woodchips, etc...

Sebby loves playing outside so much and I love wearning my sandals!
Hope this great weather keeps up.

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