Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preggo Waddle

I always wondered why pregnant women developed that distinctive waddle and now I have a theory as to why...

My newest pregnancy symptom has been a dull ache in my pelvis - I can just imagine LT pushing his head downwards into my pelvis. I first noticed it when we were buying baby stuff at the mall on Sunday. I asked my doctor today and she said it's normal and I expect it will continue as LT continues to lower himself into position for birth. It doesn't hurt that much but it definitely hurts the most when I walk. Waddling, I imagine, would lessen the pain. However, so far I have refused to waddle so I can't confirm my theory.

Maybe I'll look it up online? Or maybe I'll try waddling sometime when no one is looking?

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Loni said...

I found I always waddles because it took the pressure off my bladder! I felt like the baby was just doing head butts into it for the last while!