Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sebastian is here!

I thought November and early December were busy as I was finishing work and kicking baby prep into high gear but looking back, I wasn't that busy at all. Now I am a mommy who is on call around the clock for feedings, diaper changes and cuddles with our beautiful baby boy.

It is still hard for me to believe that Seb grew inside of me for 39 weeks and 6 days then we met for the first time. His Chinese name means that he is a gift like a fountain and he is already living up to the meaning of his name, he is an amazing blessing and gift from God to Darren and I. It is our prayer that his life will be a gift to many others.

I'm going to work on writing up his birth story over the next few days. It was the most challenging yet most rewarding experience of my life and I don't want to forget it. So stay tuned!

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