Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seb's First Month

In a babies life, 1 month of development is huge! Seb has already grown and changed a lot since his birth. I wanted to write down some of the things that we have learned about him over the past month...

His Likes & Dislikes:

- Seb LOVES baths. We thought it was a fluke the first time we bathed him and he didn't cry
but it wasn't, he really loves it!

- He does not like getting his face & eyes washed.

- He likes being warm. The first night he would cry as soon as I put him in his bassinet. When we talked to my sister the next day she mentioned that he may have been too cold so Darren suggested we dress him in his snowsuit. The next night we dressed him in his snowsuit and he was fine to stay in his bassinet!

- He likes driving fast. He starts crying when we drive slowly.

- He really does not like getting into the carseat.

- He loves to eat and eats even more when Mommy is around (sometimes he begins asking for food when he hears her voice in the room).

- He really enjoys being around people. At church he sleeps during the service and is was wide awake after, "socializing" with all our friends.

- Daddy discovered that when Seb is fussing, rhythmic "bum pats" often calms him down. He loves it!


- He gets his best sleeps while cuddling & napping on the couch with Daddy. (Mommy also gets her best sleep when he is hanging out with Daddy!)

- Although he protests while we're wrapping him, he sleeps best while swaddled.

 - He sleeps better with our humidifier going and his bed propped up slightly, these two things help his stuffy nose.

- He has slept a maximum of 3 hours at once but usually sleeps about 2 hours before waking up to eat again.

His Development:

- He definitely recognizes Mommy & Daddy when we're out and of course at home too.

- In the past week or so we have noticed him begin to smile more, he smiles extra wide for us.

- He is beginning to interact more with his surroundings. He played with toys for the first time this week, reaching for and kicking at the toys hanging from his little chair.

- He loves being cozy against us in the carrier but is beginning to not like being in there when he is awake because it obstructs his vision, he would rather be able to observe what is going on around him..

- He has begun cooing more, especially when someone is talking to him, when he's falling asleep and when he's really satisfied with his meal.


Michelle said...

This makes me so excited to have babies! I love getting to know Seb!

Tarren said...

Michelle, hurry up and have a little one so that can be friends!