Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The First Weeks

It's hard to believe Seb is already 1 month old. This crazy, amazing adventure of having a baby has continued to blow me away. Darren reminded me yesterday that I should write about some of my memories from the past month before I forget.

It seems like the first week or two that Seb was at home was a sleep-deprived blur, especially since I was having trouble sleeping. I think there were a few reasons I couldn't sleep:

1. My adrenaline was pumping. I had so many thoughts running through my head. Mostly happy, excited thoughts but certainly a big jumble of them.

2. Seb was SO noisy in the bassinet beside me: breathing quickly then more slowly, softly then more loudly. I would look at him every few minutes to make sure he was OK. I couldn't fall asleep with him beside me.

3. Breastfeeding was difficult and stressful, especially in the middle of the night. I would dread him waking up hungry because I knew how long it would likely take for him to latch well and how much it would hurt in the process. I was caught off guard since I had never imagined breastfeeding to be difficult.

Although the first weeks were a challenge, we were blessed to have so much support!

Darren was AMAZING! 

    He worked so hard without once complaining (even doing chores that he hates), making all the   meals and keeping the house clean.

    He sat beside me to help me breastfeed when I found it difficult and painful.

    He took Seb and laid with him on the couch or did housework with him in the carrier in the mornings and evenings so I could sleep.

    He made sure we got out of the house for at least one little outing every day so I could get a bit of exercise and feel like I'd accomplished something every day.

Karen was AWESOME!

    She picked up things we needed from the store so we wouldn't have to go out.

    She came shopping with me and held Seb so I could try things on.

    She helped out around our place in countless ways: cooking dinner, laundry, putting away Christmas decorations, re-organizing to make room for Sebby's things.

    She made and printed Sebby's birth announcement, it's really nice!

Church friends were GREAT!

    Some friends from small group visited and dropped off delicious meals. Amy made several super healthy & tasty meals (the best curry I've ever had!) and gave us a baby blanket -- one of my favourites we're received! Michelle brought a big lasagne, mmm!

    Two families with boys lent us almost all the baby stuff we have: clothes, toys, a swing, a chair, a bathtub, etc... Our house is full of baby stuff. We barely had to buy anything!

    Several people gave cards & thoughtful gifts.

Maryanne made my Christmas!

     Maryanne is a lactation consultant I saw on Christmas eve. Up until that point, I had really been struggling with breastfeeding so it was a huge blessing to get an appointment with her. She gave such clear instructions and so many great tips that I got the hang of it after that. It was pretty amazing, I followed her instructions for the next feeding at home and things went great! What an amazing Christmas gift!


Shanny said...

Crazy how time goes fast, but slow hey? Seb's a handsome little boy! I'd love to chat by phone sometime and catch up. When does it work for you? Hard to believe Silas is now 1 year. I thought I'd never make it this far with breastfeeding, and well, at all. Fun to look back at the first month. Talk about diving 'right in' as a parent hey?

Tarren said...

Would love to chat soon, will Facebook msg about a time.