Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seb's Birth Story - The Prequel

The prequel to Seb's birth story occurred in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, December 7th. We had arrived late on Monday evening to a work retreat just outside Lacombe and were getting ready for bed when I felt a small gush of liquid.

Could it have been my water breaking?

It didn't seem like a lot of liquid but it was clear and it was a gush.

My cell phone didn't have much reception because we were in the country but I managed to get through to my mom. She said it was different ever time so it was be hard to say for sure unless I got checked out. Hmm, not exactly the answer I was hoping for...

Next I called Health Link and after a long string of questions and answers about my condition, they suggested I get to the hospital within 4 hours. Again, not the most helpful advice...

Finally, I called the Lacombe hospital and the nurse said if I went in she could do a test to see it was amniotic fluid then we would know for sure if my water had broken. Yes, now we were getting somewhere! We hopped in the car for the short drive to Lacombe, full of adrenaline as we considered the possibility of meeting our little guy very soon.

After a very brief wait, the nurse got me hooked up to a fetal heart monitor then did a swab to see if the gush I felt was really amniotic fluid...

The test was NEGATIVE, I wasn't having a baby just yet!

We jumped back in the car and headed back to the camp where we were staying. We were a bit sad that we wouldn't meet our little guy right away but at the same time we were relieved to be able to go back to bed. We were tired but we had a great story to share with people over breakfast!

This is the last photo taken of me before I went to the hospital to have Seb. It taken home on Saturday, December 11th (the day after our work retreat ended). By this point I had finally gotten really big and pregnant!

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emily said...

That's why happened with me (ie they tested the fluid), thankfully I was AT my weekly checkup at my OBGYNs when it happened!