Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Can you Demonstrate Pelvic Floor Exercises For Us Please?" (by Darren)

Today was the first of our prenatal classes: Early Pregnancy.

There were about 12 other couples in the class .... many of them ranging from 6 weeks to 24 weeks pregnant. It was quite the colourful cast: some were older, some just dating, some women were high risk, etc. It was interesting to kind of hear their stories and see where they were coming from.

In every group though you have the guy who seemingly tries their hardest to be obnoxious. There was one exercise where the men and women split up and talked about how the pregnancy was affecting them and their partners emotionally, physically, etc.

This one guy (we'll call him ... Bob) starts the session with men by saying: "alright guys, this is the one chance we'll get to complain* about our wives and they have to listen" [insert obnoxious laugh]. Throughout the rest of the class he proceeds to ask the teacher inappropriate questions (see title), ask repeatedly inappropriate "clarifications" ("So is the woman basically working her vagina muscles?"), and then rant about why some of the prenatal classes cost money.

The weird thing was, his wife seemed really docile and sweet.

Anyway, the teacher answered his questions but didn't entertain him which was good on her part. She must have experience dealing with people like him because you could see that she didn't really let him get away with his questions.

All that to say, we both really enjoyed our first prenatal class! I learned a lot, and I thought it was done really professionally, creatively, and was really interactive!

Can't wait to meet Little Tarren. We pray for him/her every night :)

By the end of this week LT will be the size of a pea!!!

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