Monday, April 26, 2010

LT Right on Time (By Darren)

It's amazing how perfect God's timing is.

Being pregnant at this time is the PERFECT time. Originally we had wanted to get pregnant while we were overseas. In retrospect, this would not have been a good plan. If we had gone with our plan, Tara would have been taking malaria medications that would have been toxic to Little Tarren. If we had gotten pregnant earlier, travel would have been much more difficult while overseas.

This is perfect timing for several reasons:
a) We actually have the time and space right now to deal with all of the prenatal appointments since the school year has wound down
b) We have enough time to research and prepare for being pregnant overseas (nutrition, medications, health, etc)
c) Tara will be entering her 2nd Trimester right as the students are getting to Gateway.
d) 2nd Trimester is apparently the easiest of the 3 trimesters.

God is good!

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