Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great News About Malaria Risks (By: Tara)

Yesterday evening I was feeling pretty stressed about getting malaria while we are in South Asia. I had been researching online and found out that pregnant women are more susceptible to malaria. The doctor had prescribed mefloquine over the phone but several online sources I had read said that it is not recommended for the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

We inquired at the pharmacy and the pharmacist said that I should take the medication because getting malaria would be worse than the effects of the medicine on the baby. I wasn't sure if I agreed so we decided to see the travel doctor again, in person this time. After much persistence to get more information and see a more detailed map outlining malaria risks in the region we are traveling to, we realized some really important information!

The risks of contracting malaria is low in most larger cities in the region including all of the cities that we are planning to visit! WHAT A RELIEF!!!

I won't go to rural areas AND I won't take anti-malaria meds. Feeling much better about this trip!

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