Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dry Heaves & Lots of Excited Screams (By Tara)

Today I experienced my first bout of morning sickness. I got up, drank one sip of water and proceeded to the bathroom where dry heaves ensued. I decided to take the morning to rest, catch up with old friends & pass on the news.
It was lots of fun to call people to catch up & tell them about Little Tarren. Some people screamed in excitement. Our staff team, could hardly believe it at first...I think that was because Darren told them in a joking way and they are pretty used to him pulling their legs about things. Christina said she had a feeling that I was pregnant when I called her.

I think I'll post a link to our blog on my Facebook status tonight or tomorrow...time to tell the world. Preparing myself for the onslaught of messages, etc...

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