Monday, April 26, 2010

The Cost of Mission (By Tara)

Today I had prenatal testing. This means that that I hung out in the waiting room of a lab for 45 minutes before I got called in to give 4 vials of blood and to pee in a cup (again!).

Darren came with me and promptly fell asleep once we sat down in the waiting room. I amused myself by people watching for a good half hour then got bored with that and started listening to a Tim Keller sermon on my iPod. It was really appropriate in light of what I'd been worrying about yesterday.

Through the sermon I was reminded that throughout the Bible there are countless examples of people meeting God and then being sent out of their comfort zones. You can't be a blessing unless you are willing to lose things. Going on mission will cost you comfort of home, peace of mind, etc...

For me I guess that means that I'm not going to spend the end of my first and most of my second trimester in a developing country instead of in Canada. I won't be able to control exactly what I eat and how much I exercise, I won't be able to go to regular ultrasound appointments, and I am going to an area with a risk of malaria without being able to take the medications.

But despite all of that, I need to remember to trust God, to believe that he has called Darren & I to mission this summer and that in order for us to a blessing, there is going to be a cost.

God help me remember that!

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