Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lives Already Changing ... (By Darren)

It's amazing how much life has already changed for us. It hasn't been dramatic or anything but just little things can alter how you live your day to day lives.

Being in the first tri, Tara seems to get pretty tired easily, and hungry more readily. A growing baby can take a lot out of you I guess!! So Tara naps more, is ready to go to bed earlier, and snacks more often.

Now I know what it's like LIVING WITH ME. hahaha. (Minus the long naps).

It'll be interesting to see how our trip to South Asia goes. We'll be kind of backpacking around for the first 2 weeks to places that are more "remote". We were encouraged though, by reading What to Expect When you're Expecting, which recommended South Asian cuisine as a healthy option since it's often made with yogurt, and is full of nutrient rich protein (chicken, fish, lentils, beans, etc).

If anything, Tara being pregnant will slow us down a bit, to savour our time before the project begins and not go around like mad people trying to do everything possible like we probably normally would do!!

In other news, we were helping out in the nursery today at church, and I think it was good "practice" for me.

Um, not doing any practicing on the diapers until I have to though.

But just holding the babies, and wiping their noses, and trying to comfort them when they cry was good for me. I think I've always preferred kids who could walk and play already -- not such much baby-babies. But I'm looking forward to raising our child together: teaching them how to walk, throw a ball, how to read, appreciate music, appreciate life, appreciate other cultures, etc.

Above all, we pray Little Tarren will love the Lord and play a big part in redeeming culture and leading others to do the same.

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