Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day To Me (By Tara)

Today I was caught off guard when people started saying "Happy Mother's Day" to me at church. Friends from our small group were sitting in front of us and when the Pastor told everyone to shake hand and hug their mothers, our friends hugged Darren & I and said "Happy Mother's Day!"

It didn't stop there, after the service at least 4 others said it too. Many others came up to say congrats. Almost makes me wonder if there was an announcement made just before we arrived (about 3 minutes late)?! I think word just gets around fast in our church!

It's kind of exciting to be celebrating Mother's Day for the first time. It makes the day seem so much more significant and at the same time makes me appreciate my mom even more.

It is a bit strange because most of the time it seems that nothing has changed. However, I am especially aware of the change when I have gone more than a few hours since eating and I suddenly become so ravenous that I feel like passing out if I don't eat right away. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound so that will help me grapple with the reality of this when I see a picture of a little baby inside of me. I'm quite excited except for the part about how I have to drink six cups of water two hours before the appointment and then not going to pee until it is all over. Ouch!

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