Monday, May 3, 2010

Stretch Marks (By Tara)

I learned some interesting tidbits about stretch marks this morning! We went to get our oil changed and had almost 2 hours to kill at the mall so we dropped by a store that sells maternity clothes.

I really wondered if there is a rule that you have to be pregnant to work at those type of stores. Both women who were working there today were visibly pregnant.

The first saleswoman I saw offered her help and she looked really friendly so I decided to ask her a little bit about their selection of stretch mark creams. She testified that she is pregnant with her third child and doesn't have any stretch marks! She explained that in order to avoid stretch marks I should start using stretch mark cream in the mornings & oil in the evenings.

I had no idea! I'm glad that I found that out so I can bring that cream & oil with me and hopefully avoid those awful stretch marks altogether.

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Loni said...

Hi T! My feelings o stretch marks...don't be upset if you get them!
I have many friends who did everything to prevent those 'badges of honour' but still got them. I think it is just a matter of how much weight you put on, genetics and elasticity of skin, where the baby sits etc. A friend said..If you had stretch marks before you will probably get them when pregnant, especially since hormones affect your skin when you are pregnant.
My hairdresser said she had none until labour!
All that to say, there is no miracle what you can, but it is all worth it, and a well earned mark of motherhood!