Monday, May 10, 2010

Ultrasound & Two Due Dates (By Tara)

This afternoon I held my pee for two hours until I felt like my bladder was about to explode so the ultrasound tech would get a good view of Baby Tarren. She explained that the reason you have to have a full bladder for the ultrasound is because the water acts like a window into the uterus where the baby is growing.

It was amazing to watch the tech get pictures at different angles then find the heartbeat of Baby Tarren. She said that the heart rate was 156 bpm, right in the middle of the average range for babies which should fall between 120 bpm & 180 bpm. Baby Tarren was so tiny, about the size of a lima bean!

After she had taken all the pictures she needed she called Darren in to show him the pictures. She also said that the ultrasound showed that I was 7 weeks & 4 days pregnant, making my due date Dec 24th, 2010. Then she said I could go pee, FINALLY! It felt really good.

Directly after the ultrasound I went to see the doctor again and after waiting about 2 hours, I found out that she couldn't give me the note that I was supposed to get for work. It wasn't a waste of time because I needed to have a physical done in order to get a referral for an OBGYN.

I had my first pap test ever (which did not hurt at all!), got weighed (I haven't really gained weight yet, I am still 54.9kgs), had my blood pressure taken (it was on the low end of the normal spectrum), peed in another cup and was given yet another due date (Dec 19th, 2010).

We'll see who gets the due date right! Let's begin the polling on Facebook...

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