Thursday, May 6, 2010

Still So Sleepy (By Tara)

I have found that one of the biggest changes in my life since finding out I was pregnant is the amount of sleep that I now need.

 I go to bed earlier in the evening and take a nap every day after lunch. I find I feel most "pregnancy sickness" in the afternoons so taking a nap seems to help a lot.

Perhaps the reason I am so tired is because Baby Lung is growing at a rate of 100 cells per hour! I can hardly fathom the baby is growing so fast. Our friend, Karen drew us a second picture for Baby Lung. This week the baby with grow to the size of a raspberry.

I was looking at pictures of a friend on Facebook and already at 9 weeks she was starting to show. So many thoughts come to mind...

I wonder when my belly will start growing outwards?

I wonder when my "innie" will turn in to an "outie"?

I wonder when total strangers will ask me when I'm due?

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