Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wine & Cheese for Preggies?! (By Tara)

Today our small group from church hosted a wine & cheese party. I wasn't sure how such a party would go over as a preggo chick but it was great! We had eaten dinner about an hour before going so I wasn't too hungry. There were quite a few raw cheeses so I mostly stayed away from the cheese and of course I stayed away from the wine but I did find a few things to snack on that were quite tasty...

There was a triple creme cheese that was paired with fig crackers. Those crackers were delicious! I wasn't sure if the cheese was safe or not so I just had a tiny bit & very much enjoyed the cracker. I had a few wheat crackers, tastes of some of the desserts & sparkling water in a wine glass.

More than anything, it was lots of fun to hang out with our small group. We always have interesting conversations & lots of laughs too. I'm so thankful for our small group and how quickly we're bonded since starting to meet in January!

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