Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Jackets Don't Close and Other Pregnancy Symptoms

Over the past few weeks I've really started to feel pregnant...

My clothes fit funny. My pants stopped fitting a few weeks ago and now none of my fall jackets will close.

Thanks to my boosted pregnancy circulation, I stick my toes out of the blankets at night, while Darren uses an extra blanket and complains about being so cold.

My appetite is huge! I can eat almost the same amount as Darren and always eat a snack right before bed. However, I still wake up and get a snack in the middle of the night because I'm so hungry.

My belly is gets in the way when I bend over. It's beginning to feel uncomfortable. I often wake up feeling stiff and every now and then with my arms or shoulders feeling numb.

There are many amazing things about this stage of pregnancy...

LT is becoming much more active and his kicks are getting really strong!

Also, there's no mistaking my pregnancy for excess weight around the midsection (except for on campus). As a result, I enjoy going out in public a lot more.

I'm beginning to feel quite excited about LT's birth. It's getting closer! Soon when we go out it will be as a family of three.


Vanessa said...

This post made me go "awww...." especially the last part.
But I totally remember my arms/hands going numb when I was sleeping. That sucked. (And I had forgot about that.)
Oh yes, sleep unencumbered by a gigantor belly is probably one of the best things post-baby. :) (When you get it, that is...:D)
You guys are going to be such GREAT parents. :)
Excited to meet LT. :D

Tarren said...

I think the fun part about keeping a blog is that I'll be able to look back and remember some of these things that seem so novel right now. Especially since I've heard that preggo brain never really goes away...probably will need some help remembering.

I'm looking forward to sleeping minus the belly, but like you said, I'll be so happy to get any sleep at all once LT is born. But we're so excited!