Monday, September 6, 2010

Preggo On Campus

With the beginning of Frosh week approaching, I had been wondering what it would be like on campus as a preggo chick and today was the day to find out how it would go.

This morning we got up early and headed to campus to help out with residence move-in. When we arrived at 7am at the dining center there was already a huge crowd of volunteers and students waiting to check in. We grabbed a quick plate of complimentary breakfast then they began assigning jobs to volunteers. Most of the volunteers went to help carry boxes and suitcases as students moved in but they also needed volunteers to help with greeting and checking students in. I ended up being asked to help greet and direct traffic flow down a set of stairs at registration.

And guess what, no one even noticed that I was pregnant! Well, I don't know for sure that no one noticed but no one said anything about it, not even the girl I was partnered with for 4 hours as we greeted new students. Guess I don't look THAT pregnant yet...


Loni said...

LOl, they probably were being polite and were living by the rule of never saying something until absolutely sure!

Vanessa said...

Yeah, I was 7.5 months pregnant with Noah when I went on campus during Frosh week. NO ONE said anything to me - and a few people asked if I was a student. I looked at them in disbelief...but answered politely and pointed to the large growth on my midsection as another indication.

But I agree with Loni too. I probably wouldn't say anything unless I was 100% sure someone was pregnant. That being said, I saw my friend on Sunday who had her baby on Wednesday and when I saw her I got really confused because she still looked VERY pregnant. No jelly belly, just full-on pregnancy belly. How awkward to ask someone when they're due after they've already HAD their baby.

Tarren said...

Ha ha, I guess it is good that people are polite enough not to say anything until absolutely sure. That WOULD be embarrassing.

We'll see what happens as the semester progresses, this belly just keeps on getting bigger!