Saturday, September 25, 2010

Enjoying the Perks of Pregnancy

One of the things I really enjoy about pregnancy is super strong fingernails! I've been loving growing my fingernails long and having not having them break easily at all. I really like long fingernails, they look so feminine!

Another thing I've been loving is stronger, shinier, healthier looking hair. Today I got my hair cut and took advantage by keeping it a bit longer than usual. I'm really happy with the results and hope that somehow my hair will remain this way after LT is born.


Vanessa said...

Yes, there are MANY perks to pregnancy. I loved how my hair was!
Unfortunately for me, I had a massive hair exodus at about 3 months post-partum until around 6 months! It was very sad indeed.
It does happen to a lot of women, but not all, so here's hoping you get to keep your extra strong, healthy, thick locks. :)
(You look gorgeous, as usual!)

Tarren said...

From the little convo on Facebook it seems that most people do lose the hair at some point...guess I'll have to enjoy it all the more, knowing that it will go away once LT is born.