Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Survived Frosh Week 2010!

I think I should get a t-shirt or some other tacky piece of memorabilia to commemorate this momentous occasion, I SURVIVED FROSH WEEK 2010!

Every year I work at the university, Frosh week gets a bit more challenging because I feel older and the students seem younger and younger. However, in addition to the fact that I am at least 10 years older than most of the Frosh, this year I am also pregnant. I didn't know how people would respond to a pregnant chick on campus and was a little nervous about my energy levels holding up for the week.

In the end, Frosh week turned out to be a great experience overall and an exciting kickoff to my last semester on campus for awhile. I was thankful for many connections with students and enough energy to participate fully in the activities that we were organizing. There were a few long afternoons and evenings of data entry and by Friday morning I was very thankful that Saturday would be a day off but it was an excellent week.

And believe it or not, not one person seemed to notice that I was pregnant...

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