Friday, August 13, 2010

Possible Doula In Training?!

I'm sooo excited! This afternoon I was inspired to contact all of the doulas I could find on Google who live in Calgary. A friend had suggested trying to find a doula in training or doula school but I couldn't find any so I went ahead and emailed every doula to ask about their fees.

When I checked my email this evening I had already received several responses. Amazingly, one of the people I emailed is still working towards her certification so she is only charging $350 instead of the regular $1000 fee!!!

Her email was several paragraphs long and it detailed her services, which sounded amazing! She offered to meet for a free "meet the doula" coffee date. I responded right away to see if we can get together sometime next week. I'm ecstatic about the possibility of getting a doula for only $350! Praying that our meeting goes well.

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