Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stroller Success!

Today we skipped church to go to a stroller sale. We had a GREAT time too! An online baby store based out of Calgary ( was hosting a stroller test drive event at a park so we thought we should take advantage of an opportunity to try a few strollers and potentially get a great deal.

We were greeted by some friendly volunteers who gave us event guest passes and a free Starbucks gift card since we had rsvp'd. Off to a great start! While we waited for our time slot to test drive strollers, two friendly volunteers helped us try several carriers on Darren. We didn't buy today but we really like the Becco Gemeni and are considering getting it.

For the stroller test drive they had about 10 models to demo. We went on a walk in the park with various strollers and then spent over an hour with the moms and volunteers asking questions and trying out folding, unfolding and lifting each of the strollers that we liked. It was an interesting way to learn about the various features. We finally decided to go with the Quinny Buzz 3 because it was a great stroller and an amazing deal! It retails for about $500 but we got it for $450 including a bassinet ($175 value), car seat adapters, rain cover and bug cover for free! The one downside is that it is a bit on the heavy side (26 lbs) but overall, we love it.

We took it home in two boxes. Darren thought we should check to make sure all the parts were there but before we knew it, we couldn't help ourselves and we had put it together! Our friend, Karen came over and we could barely contain our excitement as we showed off our new purchase. Thankfully for us, she is a very gracious friend and she was happy to share in our excitement.

Can't wait to use our new stroller for LT! Hope he likes it. Darren just discovered that the seat is made with memory foam...wonder if babies can feel the difference? Oh well, our baby will be stylin' in this stroller.

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