Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great Weekend!

What a fantastic few days, we have been enjoying the Calgary summer to the fullest!

Thursday we were at home for most of the day but after dinner we went shooting in Kensington. To clarify, Darren did the shooting and I did the posing. When I got tired of posing, we went to a cafe to read for awhile. It was a lovely evening!

Friday we went out past Cochrane to a retreat center for a day of quiet reflection. I don't know what it is about getting away from my familiar surroundings but I feel so free to spend time with God in that type of setting. So nice!

Saturday we had a pretty varied dinner menu as we checked out two happenings downtown, the Chinatown Street Festival and Taste of Calgary. We watched a lady defend herself from a purse snatcher and guys break 1 inch boards during a martial arts showcase then ate some pretty good sui mai, BBQ pork buns & pot stickers. We were a little disappointed that there weren't more food vendors so we decided to walk over to the Taste of Calgary Festival, where we could get small bites of food from various local restaurants. We tried some Kenyan curry, El Salvadorian chicken tortillas and chocolate mud pie for dessert. A lovely summer evening!

Today we headed out to Innisfall for Customer Appreciation Days at five farms that are part of a farming cooperative called Innisfall Growers. We only had time to visit three of the farms but we really enjoyed learning about each of the farms and sampling fresh produce. At Beck's we got a great complimentary goodie bay including a bag of sweet carrots, some cheddar cauliflower and kohl rabi (I've never cooked with it before but I'm excited to try!). Upper Green Farms gave us a free bag of baby potatoes (I'm looking forward to tasting those too). The Jungle Farm was our last stop and our favourite farm to visit. They let us each pick a box of raspberries then we had a delicious beef on a bun before taking a hay ride out to the fields. The tour was really informative and we stayed awhile after to ask even more questions. We forgot to bring our camera but we did take pictures of our dinner: the homemade dumplings and raspberry scones.

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