Saturday, August 7, 2010

And So It's Begun ... (by Darren)

And so it's begun: shopping for LT (who, btw, we confirmed was a Mr. yesterday), and LT related things.

I find it a little difficult to shop for a little person you've never even fully met before.

What will he like? What won't he like? What will be a good investment? What will be a waste of money?

There are so many different brands, that it becomes a little daunting at times. What really IS the difference between one play mat and the other? What about the Ergo vs. Sling? Bugaboo vs. CitySelect? All this stuff is PRICEY and the amount of time you can use this stuff for is MINIMAL (sometimes just for a couple of months!)

Today, we went yard saling for the first time and found some great "gently used" items that cost us a fraction of the price as it would brand new. For me, finances is a pretty big part of the pregnancy equation, so it felt good to get a good deal ...

Jolly Jumper: $10
Metal Organizer: $15
Change pad: $3
Play mat (with the tent-y dangly things): $5 
WOODEN ROCKING CHAIR: $10 (Tara almost started crying with joy when she saw this item, as it's one of the things she's been saying she's wanted since the beginning .... you knew she was excited she started speaking quicker and in hushed tones: "wow, i can't believe this is so cheap ... can we get this? please? wow, so cheap ...").
We're going to a stroller demo tomorrow where they'll have Bugaboos, Phil & Teds, and Quinny strollers on sale. I think the Quinny Zapp may be the best fit for us and our lifestyles currently. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

We'll check it out ... but still holding out hope that we'll get one we really like for super cheap!

First post in a while ... I promised Tara I would do more.


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