Monday, August 30, 2010

Innie Becoming An Outie!?!

I've heard that many pregnant women experience itchy stomachs during pregnancy. I haven't felt any itching but I have noticed a strange thing starting to happen over the past 2 or so weeks...the skin of my stomach is stretching and beginning to make my innie into what appears to be an outie! It hasn't fully popped out yet but it is starting to look a bit strange.

Here's what it looks like now:

(Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my "regular" belly button but it really is different.) I'm curious to see how it will continue to change.

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Todd said...

Hi Tarren,after finding your blog and seeing your pregnant belly pic and reading what you said about your bellybutton,I just had to respond and tell you what I think of your situation.First of all,I DON'T find your bellybutton strange looking in the least.I so wish that pregnant women would stop stressing over and being self-conscious about something they have NO CONTROL over!!!I mean your bellybutton is going to do what it's going to do!Many people find pregnancy bellybuttons extremely unappealing and they're not shy when it comes to voicing their opinions on the subject.However,I for one find these particular people to be INSENSITIVE JERKS!!!To tell a pregnant woman that her belly is unattractive because her bellybutton is gross and disgusting is just plain WRONG and UNCALLED FOR!!!!!I myself think that outie bellybuttons make an already BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly all the more APPEALING and FASCINATING and INTRIGUING!!!So Tarren,while I don't know what your bellybutton did later in your pregnancy,I HOPE that whatever it did you accepted it and realized that your belly was GLORIOUS no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!