Monday, February 14, 2011

Workouts With Seb

I was elated when I saw the sign up at the gym advertising free childcare for 6 week to 18 month olds. I thought, "Yes, I will be able to continue my regular workout schedule!" However, Seb had other plans...

He wanted to continue to work out with me as he had been doing throughout my pregnancy.

I found a free stroller aerobics class at the Y and its pretty challenging. It has also been a great opportunity to meet other moms who enjoy being active! Seb loves the class except the stroller part. As soon as I take him into my arms to do the exercises, he starts having a lot of fun. Last week one of the moms lent me her Baby Bjorn and Seb worked out happily in there. 

I have been doing workouts at home a few days a week because going to the gym is pretty time consuming. I have to feed Seb before leaving home, as soon as we arrive at the gym and after I pick him up from the childcare (usually 20 mins after arriving because he is crying and won't settle). If Darren is with me, he holds Seb while I work out then I have to feed him one more time before heading home. Trips to the gym now take an average of 4 hours!!! Not feasible every day of the week!

So last week, I put Seb in the carrier and tried a little cardio kickboxing. He LOVED it! He smiled and cooed for the first 5 minutes then fells asleep. I figured that was a good sign so I downloaded a FitMom workout DVD designed especially for moms to work out with their babies in a carrier. I found the same results, he smiled and smiled at me then fell asleep. On the weekend, I got together with a friend to do a Jillian Michaels workout DVD and again the same thing happened, Seb smiled happily for a few minutes then drifted off to sleep.

Maybe he loves all the bouncing? Certainly he enjoys being with me...Seems like working out with him in the carrier is a great option until he learns to enjoy being in the childcare. The ladies told me to begin trying to leave him for only a half hour at a time so he can learn to adjust. In the meantime, I'll keep up the stroller aerobics and workouts with him in the carrier. And besides, I just can't resist all those smiles!!!


Karen said...

Adorable. You go, Tara! I love how you make it work. And I'm so glad to hear that you can get the workout you crave and bond with Seb at the same time.

steph said...

hey tara, have fun in pei with your fam!

Tarren said...

@ Karen - Its pretty fun!

@ Steph - I'm on it!