Monday, February 7, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I have found reason to be thankful every single day since Seb was born. I cried tears of joy at least once a day for the first week, totally amazed by the miracle of birth and the beautiful baby in my arms. The owner of the Second Cup down the street from me told me that he believes that life truly begins once you have children. I think that I had a wonderful life even before Seb came along but I do see his point, having a baby takes life in a whole new direction.

Last night before I fell asleep, I was thinking about Valentine's Day and the "love of my life" (thank you Brad Morrice's mom for giving Darren this title years before we were even dating!).

My husband has been a HUGE source of blessing in my life throughout this whole journey which began the day that I found out I was expecting as I have seen him demonstrate his love for me in countless ways.

He encouraged me with his faith during our time in South Asia when I thought we were going to lost Sebby.

When I got pregnant, he began to do even more of our household chores like cooking and cleaning, allowing me to get more sleep and eat healthy, delicious meals.

He helped me through an intense labour with words of encouragement and great hand massages.

He continues to make sure I get healthy, delicious meals and snacks and enough sleep, even though it means he is doing all the cooking, most of the cleaning and getting up early to watch Seb so that I can sleep a bit longer.

Since he has gone back to work, I really miss him during the days and look forward when he comes home in the evenings and on the weekends. Looking back on this weekend he did so many things to bless me!

- Cleaning up the huge mess I left in our house on Friday evening since I was so tired.

- Holding Seb while I went to work out at the gym since he wouldn't stay in the childcare

- Cooking healthy meals and snacks for us to eat this week

- Watching Seb so that I could have a 3 hour nap on Sunday afternoon

- Going grocery shopping while Seb & I went to dinner at a friends house

- Etc, etc...

He does all these things with a servant's heart, without complaining or keeping score. From the first time that I met him, I was impressed with his strength of character and I have only seen God grow him into an even better person.

A woman spoke words of prophesy about our family to me a few weeks ago when I was feeding Seb at Superstore. Darren had chatted with her briefly then gone to do the shopping while I stayed to continue feeding Seb. One of the things she said was that my husband was a very caring and sensitive person. So true! (She also said that she thought we had a gift for working with young people who are trying to figure out their futures and young business people. We think so too ; - ) Was a pretty neat trip to Superstore).

I could go on and on but l'll end it here...

I married up!!!


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Jenn said...

Tara - I watched Darren grow up at our church in Peterborough, and I am so proud of the man he turned out to be! You are indeed blessed. :)