Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Times During Our PEI Visit

We have been having so much fun in PEI! Here are a few of the recent developments...

Wednesday, we went to the preschool skate in Souris with my sisters (Krista, Emma & Anna) and the babies (Seb & Bryce). Bryce's stroller was a great skating aide for a rusty skater!

It was Seb's first skate (and my first in several years) and we both enjoyed it (although Seb slept the whole time!).


We also dropped in to visit Auntie Doe.

She LOVES babies! She held both Bryce & Seb.

Then we got super exciting news: Derek & Allie's baby would be born by c-section on Wednesday evening!

Isla Mae was born at 8:25pm and was 5lbs 9 1/2 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. She is Seb's first girl cousin.

Big brother, Cam, holding lovely Isla Mae.

Babies aren't allowed in to the maternity ward so my Mom watched Seb while I went in to meet Isla. She is so tiny!

Today Krista & I went to visit Allie and brought our brother, Patrick to watch our babies. Krista figured that we could get a picture of all three cousins together if Allie brought Isla up to the door.

You wouldn't believe how many people asked if Seb & Bryce were twins!

Do they look alike to you???

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