Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seb's Second Month!

Seb has had an exciting second month with lots of firsts!


We took Seb swimming at the YMCA and he loved it! The water wasn't very warm so we only stayed about 10 minutes but it was great.


He is learning to sleep longer and longer! He set a new record of five and a half hours straight but regularly sleeps around 4 consecutive hours.


Seb is getting stronger and is learning to hold his head up for longer periods of time. He still doesn't like tummy time very much but enjoys it more when he is propped up on a pillow and Daddy is talking to him.

He tried out his cousin Bryce's Bumbo chair but it was hard work. Matty helped him hold his head up.


Seb took his first trip on an airplane this month. He was really enjoying his first flight from Calgary to Montreal until he threw up everywhere! I've never seen him throw up so much! It was on his shirt, pants, my dress, my sweater, my tank top, my seat, the seatbelt and the nursing cover. I had to go into the bathroom and change him back into his wet shirt (his diaper leaked so I had just changed him into his extra set of clother). I hung his wet pants on the tray table so they could dry during the flight. We enjoyed a visit with Loni, Lydia & Lisana in Montreal!

Travelling alone with a baby was great, people were very helpful, especially the staff in the Montreal airport. They let me skip to the beginning the line, they asked if I needed help with my bags and shoes as I went through security (the lady actually put my boots on for me)!

Meeting Friends & Relatives in PEI

Seb got to meet all his Aunts & Uncles except Paulette and his cousin, Bryce! He has never had so many people to change his diaper (especially Matty) and hold him. So lucky! He is enjoying hanging out with everyone and seeing the sights in PEI.

Patrick loves holding sleeping babies especially but likes holding Seb even when he's awake!

Seb was having a great chat with Jordan!

Seb with his two older coursins, Cam & Bryce. They were watching Scooby Doo together but they were pretty sleepy after a big party for Cam's 4th birthday.

Seb was holding hands with Bryce while Auntie Darlene was holding them.


Loni said...

It was so good to see you and meet Seb! He is so cute!!!

Tarren said...

We really enjoyed it too, sad it wasn't longer!

emily said...

oh the traveling barf... Lily had her first REAL diaper explosion when I was on a train to Toronto... I'd never seen so much poop and was cleaning up to her arm pits. Horrifying haha! Always good to pack like four extra onsies, I soon learned :)

Isn't it refreshing that in an age where people aren't as pro-having-children they still are so helpful when they see a young mom and baby?

I had the same extraordinary experience with Via Rail going from Montreal to Toronto. 1st class treatment, help, smiles galore.

Tarren said...

@ Em - It is amazing how friendly people are!