Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Way Of Eating

I had no idea that having a newborn would alter my eating so much! Now that I am nursing so much of the day and night, the most ideal food...

- can be eaten with one hand (I am usually feeding Seb while eating so only one hand is free)

- can be prepared in advance (usually by Darren)

- tastes OK lukewarm or cold (don't want it to drop on and burn Seb, plus eating with one hand takes time!)

- isn't drippy (don't want it to drop on and burn Seb or get him dirty)

- is easy on the stomach (keeping a 24 hour shift and being sleep deprived has given me a weak stomach)

All of this means that the only real meal I eat is dinner - since Darren is at home to prepare it. Throughout the rest of the day and night eat mostly snack foods like yoghurt with granola, insane amounts of cut up fruit (I had to cut back because I have sores in my mouth from getting too much acid), veggies with hummus, healthy muffins, cheese and crackers, etc...

Despite these limitations, not eating is not an option because I would get way too hungry and so would Seb! Since he depends on what I eat to get the proper nutrition, if I don't eat properly, he eats more so that he can get the nutrients he needs. It's crazy how God designed babies to get all that they need from their mothers both during and after gestation!

Healthy snack suggestions welcome!!!

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