Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Word On The Street

This morning, Sebby & I set off early to enjoy the sunny Glasgow day. Our first stop was "The Sewing Box" to drop off a pair of Darren's trousers for hemming. I've gotten to know the lady who works there after having gone there a few times, she's really talkative and nice. I hadn't been in in at least six months but soon we began chatting like old friends. She pointed to my bump and said, "So, when are you expecting your second?"

She was the first person to comment on my bump before I mentioned that I was pregnant! I figured that I was either wearing a very "pregnancy revealing" outfit today (a grey maxi dress) or I am starting to get out of that it's-possible-to-mistake-the-bump-for-a flabby-tummy stage. 

A few minutes later I walked by the cafe just around the corner from our house and one of the friendly, Italian co-owners was out on the sidewalk. She said hello and asked when the baby was due. What, someone else noticed? OK, I guess I do look pregnant.

We walked on to the Botanics to enjoy the sun. While we were waiting for our friends, we met another pregnant woman who had a toddler close to Sebby's age. We were talking about our busy toddlers and she said knowingly, "It gets even more tiring as you get more heavily pregnant." 

This afternoon when Sebby & I were walking home, we passed the other friendly, Italian co-owner of the cafe near our place and he asked when our second baby was due. 

Alright, after 4 comments in one day, I'm calling this a pregnancy milestone. 

At 20 1/2 weeks, guess I look pregnant?!

* Interestingly, as Darren was shooting these pictures, he commented that I DIDN'T look pregnant and was surprised that people had commented. Then, he told me to position my hands at the bottom of my bump to show it off some more.

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