Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Haircut, Please!

Sebby's disastrous first haircut that left him with an unintentional undercut has finally grown out. It's almost time from another trim.

Darren keep proposing (at least once daily) that we shave his head so that the hair grows back in thicker. I say, "No way! He's 16 months. He'll look like he's ill with cancer if you shave his head at this age." 
 Sebby, not fully understanding what he's being asked says, "yeah!" every time Darren asks him if he wants his head shaved.

I'm nervous about cutting it myself and even more nervous about letting Darren do it (since he was the artist responsible for the previous haircut) but don't really want to pay the money to have a barber do it. 

I almost started trimming the sides of his hair in the bath a few nights ago then remembered that cutting his hair while wet was our fatal mistake last time! I'm going to have to give it a go on dry hair sometime soon...if I can figure out how to get him to stay still for more than 5 seconds!

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