Friday, May 25, 2012

Picnics, Flowers & Summer Fun!

Warmest week in the history of Glasgow??? 


We had a record 5 lunch picnics.

We let our dirty dishes pile up in the sink and enjoyed lots of time at the park, recognizing that ever-changing Glasgow weather means that next week may be much cooler and cloudier. 

Sebby loved spending so much time outdoors!

Sebby at the Botanics picking daisies for Momma.  

We also got to enjoy lots of live music this week. 

Yesterday afternoon we saw a family performance of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra called "Monster Music". I loved watching the concentration in Sebby's eyes as he watched the musicians playing. And of course, seeing him wave his arms and dance to the music. 

This afternoon, we went to an informal worship time at church, which was also really family friendly as it was a small crowd of all friends that we'd invited and Sebby was able to enjoy the music and play without being distraction.

Hoping the weather stays this nice!

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