Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It Was Like Christmas

Saturday was like Christmas for Sebby! He went out of his room to find a new (borrowed from a friend) bike sitting in the entry. He rushed over and hopped on right away with lots of excited exclamations like "WHOA!" and "BIKE!"

He's a bit too short to reach the pedals properly but equally enjoys sitting on the bike while we push him.
Later that morning, Darren took Sebby to a used toy sale and spent just a few dollars on a few awesome new toys:

- a hobby horse

(As soon as Sebby saw it he smiled & said "neigh." It was a bargain price of 4 pounds!)

- a toy fire truck

(Yes, it's Fireman Sam and it is ADORABLE to see him scooping with the ladder bucket and "whooo whoo whoo-ing" around the house with it.)

- some new books

(They are Tonka Trucks and Fireman Sam so he asks to read "dig dig" and "whoo whoo.")

He's been really enjoying his new toys.

On a related note, over the past two weeks or so, I have noticed that he starting to play independently a bit better. One day last week he played by himself for almost a half hour while I was cleaning up and cooking in the kitchen. I kept sneaking in to check on him because I wondered if he was asleep or in trouble but he was happily playing. He was fine! I often find him giggling and rolling around on the bed in his room or looking at books. He also loves to play with his fire truck or the teddy bears. This new development is fun for both Sebby and Momma as it means I can manage to get a few more things done without my "little helper" tagging along or messing. Although, his independent play often involves messing, things like opening all of the drawers in our bedroom and dumping out the belts, shirts and scarves on the floor...oh well!

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