Friday, May 11, 2012

Why We Want To Know

I can't believe that my 20 week scan (ultrasound) is on Tuesday! When I booked the appointment, 20 weeks seemed so far off, yet the time has flown by. Overall, it feels like this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my previous one. 

I can hardly wait to find out whether Little Lung is a boy or a girl! I know that some people love keeping the gender a surprise so that can have the suspense of finding out at the birth, but neither Darren & I are that keen on the suspense. There are probably 2 main reasons why I'm really looking forward to finding out if our baby is a boy or girl...
We want to be prepared with gender-appropriate clothing. 

 Especially since we are living in the UK, it will help to find out the gender in advance so that we can bring over some of Sebby's old baby clothes from Canada if we're having a boy. If we're having a girl, we will return to Canada with all of the clothes that Sebby has outgrown.

We're so excited to choose a name and begin calling the baby by that name right away.  

While I was pregnant with Sebby, a friend shared about how they had decided to begin calling their third child by name as a way to help their older children adjust to having a new little sister. She said that helped the whole family bond quickly with her. When their baby was born, she was already a part of their family, she was always Naomi (never "baby") and they were so glad to finally meet her. We loved that idea and decided to choose Sebby's name early in my pregnancy. We started calling him by name after we had confirmation that he was a boy at our 20 week ultrasound. Since we had many ultrasounds due to early pregnancy complications with Sebby, we had many ultrasounds done overseas. From 10 or so weeks onwards, we were told during each ultrasounds that the baby "looked like a boy," although we weren't even sure if they could tell at that point. 

I'll admit that even though we're exciting about choosing a name for our baby, we're having a bit more difficulty agreeing on a boys name this time around. We're not 100% settled on a girls name either, mostly because there are SO MANY girls names that we love.

Just a few more days to go...
We'll keep you posted!


Vanessa Strickland said...

So exciting! :) And I've loved knowing and calling this baby by name and hearing the boys refer to him by name as well.
Can't wait to find out and share in your excitement too! :)

Mei Yan said...

Hi Tarren, I found your bog as I was googling on 'pregnancy and jet lag', feeling terrible after traveling from South East Asia where we live to the States last Monday. Your message two years ago shows me that nothing weird is happening to me. Thanks. Congratulations with your pregnancy. I am 20 weeks now (and decided to keep the gender a surprise:). Hope all goes well for you!

Tarren said...

Hey Mai Yan,

Glad you found the post and that it was helpful! Congrats on your pregnancy. Exciting that you're keeping the gender a surprise.

Reading your comment reminded me of how awful jet lag was but it's good to be reminded since we'll be traveling in a few weeks and I'll probably be facing jet lag again.