Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lunchtime Fun

As I was making lunch for Sebby, he saw my coulorful silicone muffin cups by the sink. He kept asking for them until I passed them down for him to play with. Once lunch was ready, the only thing he was interested in having on his tray was the muffin cups!

 I gave him a few pieces of pasta and he just kept asking for "more, more, more" muffin cups. I handed him a few and when I turned around a minute later, instead of eating his pasta, he had stacked it into the muffin cups on his tray.

Concentrating intensely on stacking and unstacking those muffin cups.

"If I put these on top, maybe Momma won't see that I didn't eat my pasta!"

Guess he wasn't having a "hungry day" today. Other than a few "nacks" (snacks) and some rice, he didn't eat much of anything. Oh well, at least he exercised his creativity over lunchtime.


Shannon said...

we have the same ones and Silas LOVES them. He's just rediscovered them again lately and was busy scooping and dumping buttons into his muffin cups with a tbsp.

Tarren said...

Cool! Glad that they will provide years of entertainment for the little guy! Thinking today I'm going to buy a dozen more, they work so well AND also happen to be Sebby's current favourite kitchen gadget.