Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why We Missed Church This Morning

We were disappointed that we couldn't make it to church this morning. We had been really looking forward to getting back but we decided that it wasn't a good idea. Here's the story...

Since last Tuesday, I had been noticing little red spots appearing on Sebby's skin. The chicken pox had initially crossed my mind however, I concluded that it was likely another food sensitivity. We suspected that he may have been reacting to some of the spicy food that we had been eating lately. 

On Friday sister in law told me that her cousins kids had the chicken pox. We had been at a birthday party with them last weekend so I did a bit of internet research then ran everything by my mom. We concluded that Sebby almost certainly had a really minor case of the chicken pox. 

I'm so thankful that he doesn't seem at all bothered by the spots that are appearing, becoming swollen like little pimples then drying out and turning brown. The only downside to him having the chicken pox is that we can't get together with friends as we don't want to spread the chicken pox virus to other children or adults we know. (They can apparently still be contagious until the spots disappear).

I think Darren was glad to have an excuse to miss church today as he has some embarrasing spots on his face too...

No, not the chicken pox! 

He had a run in with Sebby's Little People animals from his Noah's Ark last night.

These animals are a lot of fun. I like them:
at mealtime....
in the bath....
and especially when Daddy suctions them to his face! 
Ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

Fuuunnnyy! This happened to one of my profs in college, only it was a great big suction circle in the middle of his forehead.
Karen L